Choose the 4WeHelp Cincinnati Movers

Which Cincinnati movers should you choose?

Choosing a moving company in Cincinnati isn’t easy. There is a lot of movers out there who all want your business.

Here are a few thing to consider when choosing Cincinnati Movers.

1) Choose a moving company that will let you speak to their insurance agent.– Unfortunately its easy to say you have insurance or make up a certificate with a word processing program. Many apartment complexes and government offices require to speak directly to an agent for exactly that reason.

2) Choose movers with a decent BBB rating.- While we don’t believe the Better Business Bureau is completely honest or fair because they charge businesses a fee to get the best rating, you can often see many companies have D or F ratings.

3) Choosing a member of reputable moving organizations like the AMSA or AMLPA is important.- Good movers join these and bad movers are banned from them.

4) Choose a moving company with an office you can visit.– Google Maps and other online services have had a problem with scammers making up locations and listings to get people’s credit card and other personal information. If you look and see, many addresses are an old car lot,  a downtown street corner or a house in a suburb, obviously not real movers.

5) Choose movers that will come your home and give you a free quote.– Some companies do guestimates over the phone or online knowing that on moving day they can increase their charges and its to late for you to find someone else.

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