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You may have come here looking for cheap movers in Cincinnati. The cheapest movers may seem like a great option when you are hiring a moving company. This seemingly good option often ends up being a bad choice. In Cincinnati there are a LOT of cheap movers. Unfortunately many of the cheapest movers are also illegal movers.

In Ohio real movers are required to be licensed by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio as a Household Goods Mover (HGM) and the US Department of Transportation as a Household Goods Carrier (HGC). The PUCO and the USDOT do this to protect you from the scams like the cheap movers you see on the news. If they don’t have this license and call themselves movers, not only are they deceiving you, but you may end up their next victim

We realize the economy is bad and many people need to move as cheap as possible. Hiring an illegal moving company is not the answer. Often there is less than a $20/hr between us and our illegal competition. Normally that money the customer thinks they are saving ends up being lost when they find out their movers have scammed them.

All legal moving companies are required to clearly post their license number (our license number is at the bottom of every page). A P.U.C.O. license number means the state of Ohio has checked that we maintain real moving insurance, background checks, unemployment and worker’s compensation insurance and more. They verify all the things that are important for your family to be safe.

Discount movers may try to mislead you if you ask for their license number. Make sure you ask for their “PUCO license number” and verify they are listed on the state of Ohio website here

If the information they provide is not a valid PUCO license number you can report cheap and illegal movers here.

We post this page to help protect you and your family because we want you to know there is a real choice. No matter what moving company you hire, make sure you ask for their “Household Goods Mover license number”.

If you are interested in finding out more about the difference between us and the other guys, you can read our webpage “Compare Cincinnati Movers

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