Box Springs and why a king bed is easier to move

As movers in Cincinnati we get to visit a lot of beautiful, older homes. While certainly beautiful with their style and hardwood floors, sometimes our customers find that their furniture will not fit up a narrow or winding stairwell.

First a little explanation. If you house was built before 1950 it was built with a completely different person in mind. The average American weighed less and slept in beds half the size we do. They may have had a single large piece of furniture but most were smaller than 4 or 5 feet tall. Most people slept in twin beds and if a married couple wanted to share a bed they simply pushed their two individual beds together.

Many people do not think about trying to move a bed up stairs because we think of our beds as being soft and flexible. That is the somewhat the case for a mattress but obviously not for the box spring. Box springs are normally a wood or steel frame with fabric stretched over it. Without the support a box spring gives your matters, your sleep will be much less comfortable.

King size mattresses always come with a “split box”, meaning the box spring is in two identical pieces. These are very easy to move and most king mattresses have a hinge that allows them to be folded in half so they fit through smaller doorways or hallways Queen beds however do not and they are the mattress size we see most often as a moving company in Cincinnati.

There is a simple solution for all this. Many mattress stores sell a “split box” for queen size beds. When you buy your next bed make sure you ask for one. They may cost a little extra but they are worth it. If you already have a queen size matress and need to find a split box for it here in Cincinnati try The Original Mattress Factory or Cincinnati Craigslist

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