Biofuel in Cincinnati

Moving companies have big moving trucks. Those big moving trucks large amounts of fuel and add a lot of pollution to the environment. We buy carbon offsets from Trees For the Future and TerraPass to make up for that but the best solution would be if we didn’t use as much fossil fuels or expel as many pollutants in the first place.

One way we are a green moving company is that we use biodiesel as often as possible. Unfortunately most of the biodiesel available in Cincinnati is only sell B5 (5% bio and 95% regular diesel). Those stations are also not very convenient so it represents a significant logistics problem for us with little return.

We know that there are a lot of people out there that would love to have their movers in Cincinnati be more environmentally responsible and we are hoping you can help.

We are a local mover and we want to support other local businesses. If you know of someone making bio-diesel, please contact us or leave us a comment below.

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