Beware Of Illegal Movers

Moving season is almost upon us and once again the cheap and illegal movers are popping up all over Cincinnati wanting to move you cheap.
We wanted to offer you a few suggestions to avoid being scammed by illegal movers
  • Check their registration with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. Cheap movers will provide other numbers trying to confuse you. You can search the PUCO website to verify they are licensed in the state of Ohio.
  • Avoid hiring a mover solely based on the cheapest price. A low bid is no way to determine quality or reliability.
  • Try to deal with a moving company that has a physical office and warehouse in Cincinnati. Many illegal companies use the addresses of old abandoned buildings or store fronts.
  • If paying a fixed or flat rate, NEVER pay a deposit before you receive a a written estimate. Verbal estimates are not binding. You want a “binding estimate”.
  • If moving long distance, avoid any mover who refuses to come out and physically look at your belongings to get a good idea of what your families needs are.
  • Ask if they use employees or subcontractors. You are safer hiring a moving company that uses employees. If they show up without uniforms, send them away.
  • Ask for proof of their liability coverage and workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Look for red flags, Illegal companies often are cheap because they use UHaul trucks or have employees that don’t speak English very well.
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