Before you close up that ABF trailer

ABF trailers present special challenges for you and your movers. Here are a few things we have learned as the most experienced moving labor in Cincinnati.
  • Plan to be there when ABF delivers your trailer or ReloCube. Typically ABF gives a delivery window and we have found they are often late so plan to leave the entire day open.
  • You will need to show the driver where you want the trailer parked and sign his paperwork. Make sure no vehicles or obstacles are within 100 feet of where you want it left so the driver has plenty of room.
  • Check the trailer or ReloCube for cleanliness and leaks before the driver leaves.
  • If a trailer, make sure you understand how much space you have reserved. The wall of the trailer is typically marked every 2 feet.
  • Check every room, closet and cabinet one last time before deciding everything is loaded.
  • If loading an ABF trailer, secure the bulkhead once your belongings are loaded.
  • Verify the destination address and your contact information is correct on your paperwork.
  • Make sure you write the number of linear feet or number of ReloCubes you loaded on your paperwork. This is how ABF decides how much to charge you.
  • Call  ABF and let them know everything is ready to be picked up!
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