Avoid Common Moving Scams

There are a lot of moving scams out there.  This is understandable because most consumers do not move often enough to have experience with it.

Moving scams capitalize on one factor, offering a cheap price. They don’t plan to do the work or do it correctly so their costs will be lower. The scammers know that some costumers just wants to move cheap. Cincinnati movers like us with real moving businesses simply cannot match the price of scam mover.

Just keep in mind, the cheapest way is rarely the best way.

That said, browse the following links to information about moving scams:

  1. Protect Your Move – Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
  2. Moving Scam.com – a website for consumers with forums to share experiences and get advice
  3. ScamBusters.org – A website with a bit about the history of moving and internet moving scams.
  4. 10 Things Moving Companies Won’t Say – Real life stories about moving scams
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