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Many people know Cincinnati from the tv show "WKRP in Cincinnati". Cincinnati is a lot more than that. Called the Queen City, Cincinnati has a rich heritage and culture. Located on the Ohio river, metro Cincinnati covers the area where the borders of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky meet.

Cincinnati is home to major businesses like Proctor and Gamble, Chiquita, Kroger's and of course 4WeHelp Movers!

The Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region is steeped in a rich history and legacy. The revitalization of historic neighborhoods and the scenic riverfront – coupled with the fact that Cincinnati is one of only 13 U.S. cities with professional companies in all five arts: ballet, opera, fine art museums, symphony and theater – makes the region a vibrant area for arts, culture and history, including in its architecture and landmarks. Experience the German heritage in our festivals and events, marvel at the Art Deco architecture in buildings throughout the area, and delve below the streets to relive the history of such a unique river region.

On the Ohio side, stroll through Smale Riverfront Park and let the kids splash around in the fountain to cool off on a hot day or take a break on the porch-style swings overlooking the Ohio River. When you're thirsty or your stomach's growling, head over to one of the many restaurants at The Banks to refuel. For views of the river and bridges try Moerlein Lage House or Yard House, or pick up a frozen treat at Orange Leaf to enjoy on the go.

For those who aren't familiar with Cincinnati there are a few culinary delights you must try. First is our goetta, it is one of those things that taste much better than it sounds.

Also we have Skyline Chili, a Cincinnati style chili made that is slightly sweet and served over chili with shredded cheese. Greater's rum raisin is Oprah's favorite ice cream. Then we have Montgomery Inn, some people think they have the best ribs in the world.

Here are a few more things we are quite proud of...

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, rated on of the top 10 children's hospitals in the world.

Cincinnati's Music Hall, built in 1878 it is considered to be one of the most beautiful and acoustically perfect theaters in the world.

If great cuisine and culture aren't your style maybe all our sports teams will interest you?

Cincinnati Reds - The oldest professional baseball team in the world

Cincinnati Bengals - NFL football, at the moment they are good. It may not last but we will love them anyway

Cincinnati Cyclones - Consistently one of the best hockey teams in minor league hockey and about the best sports value in town (on kids night they let youngsters skate and get autographs)


Some more things to consider while you live here

  • Cincinnati Food & Wine Classic, a three-day festival held in September.
  • Bockfest, a beer festival held in Over-the-Rhine on the first full weekend of March.
  • Scribble Jam, a hip hop festival, now defunct.
  • Oxtoberfest-Zinzinnati, celebrating Cincinnati's German heritage, is the largest Oktoberfest in the US.
  • Cincinnati May Festival, a two-week choral festival held in May.
  • MidPoint Music Festival is a three-day music festival that takes place in many venues across downtown and Over-The-Rhine  in September.
  • Riverfest, a festival and fireworks display on Labor Day weekend which draws crowds of over 500,000.
  • Goetta Fest
  • Flying Pig Marathon
  • Cincinnati Flower show
  • Taste of Cincinnati, a food festival held on Memorial Day weekend and attended by over 500,000 annually.
  • Bunbury Music Festival, a music festival started in 2012 which takes place on the banks of the Ohio River.
  • The Martin Luther King Day Parade
  • The Midwest Black Family Reunion
  • Thanksgiving Day Race, the sixth-oldest race in the country.
  • Since 1962 the Jazz Festival(now Macy's Music Fest) is held during July.
  • MusicNOW festival is a music festival started by Bryce Dessenr of local band, The National, that takes place in venues in Over-The-Rhine.
  • The Tall Stacks Festival, held every three or four years to celebrate Cincinnati's riverboat history.
  • The Festival of Lights, hosted by the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens during the year-end holiday season.
  • The Cincinnati Fringe Festival 12 Days of Theatre, Film, Visual Art, and Music in the heart of Over-the-Rhine. Ohio's Largest Performing Arts Festival. Begins the day after Memorial Day.
ABF Relocubes

If you need help loading and unloading your ReloCube,
we are the best ReloCube movers in CIncinnati!

No other legally licensed and fully insured moving company in Cincinnati offers a moving labor service specifically to load and unloading of ABF ReloCube. If you want the best, 4WeHelp Cincinnati Movers is the company to call for help with your ABF ReloCube.

We have a lot of competition in Cincinnati when it comes to loading and unloading ReloCube unit from ABF. Here a few ways in which we differ.

  • Licensed by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, this means the state has certified we have real employees, the proper insurance and are state regulated. We just don't claim it, they state of Ohio backs our claims up. (PUCO #: 505028)
  • As a full service moving company, we aren't just cheap day labor, we are professional movers.
  • We offer special rates for moving labor when loading and unloading a ReloCube storage container. No need to pay for our moving truck when you don't need it.
  • We offer great pricing on moving pads. We sell real moving pads, for less than the cheap kind that the truck rental companies use!
  • Our rental rates for moving pads are the best in town! You don't know how long your items will be in storage so don't pay for your pads every month. Call us to get a one time flat rate!

Here is some helpful information about the ReloCube units that come from ABF in Cincinnati

  • ReloCube come in one size which is 6' long by 7' wide by 8' tall. That gives you about 350 cubic feet of storage space. In comparison a tradition 5x10 storage space offers about 400 cubic feet of storage space.
  • ABF ReloCubes are constructed from steel and have lockable doors that swing open. Nothing
  • ReloCubes sit at ground level. This makes them easier and take less time to load/unload.

When providing a ReloCube for us to load/unload, the customer is still responsible for providing moving pads/blankets, rope, boxes, tape and other consumable items. While the customer does need to provide this equipment, we will provide all the man labor you need to get the job done.


If you want your job to be done quickly and efficiently, for loading or unloading, then don't look any further. We Help Moving is the best moving company in Cincinnati. Why settle for the rest when you could get work from the best? We handle all your needs for packing and unpacking any home, cube, truck, apartment, etc. you name it, we got it.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call or email. And one of our representatives will get back with you in a timely manner.


Ready to work with the best moving company in town! Don't look any further. Just send an email or give us a call. Even if you don't go with us, we will do all we can to make your move a better one.

Pack-Rat Container in Cincinnati, Ohio

Pack Rat Storage is an alternative to traditional storage spaces in Cincinnati. (More often we work with the locally owned and operated UNITS Mobile Storage). We have helped many families load and unload that Pack-Rat so we have the experience you need.

No other legally licensed and fully insured moving company in Cincinnati offers a moving labor service specifically for the loading and unloading of Pack-Rats. If you want the best, 4WeHelp Cincinnati Movers is the company to call for help with your Pack-Rat Storage container.

We have a lot of competition in Cincinnati when it comes to loading and unloading Pack-Rats. Here a few ways in which we differ.

  • Licensed by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, this means the state has certified we have real employees, the proper insurance and are state regulated. We don't just claim it, they state of Ohio backs our claims up. (PUCO #: 505028)
  • As a full service moving company, we aren't just cheap day labor pretending to be cheap movers, we are a professional moving company.
  • We offer special rates for moving labor when loading a Pack-Rat storage container. No need to pay for the extra cost of the truck when you don't need it.
  • We offer great pricing on moving pads. We sell real moving pads, for less than the cheap kind that the truck rental companies use!
  • Our rental rates for moving pads are the best in town! You don't know how long your items may be in storage so don't pay for your pads every month. Call us to get a one time flat rate!

Here are some more helpful tips about a Pack-Rat Container like the kind you may find in Cincinnati

  • Pack Rats come in two sizes. The 12' which offers about 760 cubic feet of storage space. The 16' offers about 1000 cubic feet of storage space. In comparison a tradition 10x10 storage space offers approximately 1300 cubic feet of storage space.
  • Pack-Rats are steel framed and have lockable doors.
  • Because Pack-Rats are at ground level, they are often easier and take less time to load/unload. That means you pay us less to do a professional job!

Our moving labor service does have a 2 hour minimum. After the first 2 hours, time is rounded to the next half hour. Our hourly rate for moving labor starts when our crew arrives at your home or business. You may schedule your service online or call our office for help.

If providing the Pack-Rat for us to load/unload, the client is responsible for providing moving pads/blankets, rope, boxes, tape and other consumable items.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call our office. An associate will be on the line to answer any worries or concerns you may have. Even if you don't go with us, we'll do everything we can to make your unpacking/packing job go as smooth as we can.

(We have no affiliation with 1-800-Pack-Rat, LLC. This page is not a recommendation or endorsement of their services or products.)

Cincinnati has a lot of great history. Extablished in 1788, our city was originally named Losantiville. in 1790 the governor of the Northwest Territory (Ohio was not yet a state) changed the name to Cincinnati. Our city's name comes from a roman general known as Cincinnatus.

In 1811 steam power came to the Ohio River making Cincinnati a major river port. During that period Henry Wadsworth Longfellow called Cincinnati "Queen of the West".  In 1840 Cincinnati was the United States 6th largest city. In 1850 the Miami and Erie Canals were completed and our city boomed to 115,000 residents.

The first sheriff, John Brown, was appointed September 2, 1788. The Ohio Act in 1812 provided for Cincinnati to have a village marshall and James Smith was appointed; the following year the town started a "night watch". In 1819, when Cincinnati was incorporated as a city, the first city marshal, William Ruffin, was appointed. In May 1828, the police force consisted of one captain, one assistant, and five patrolmen. By 1850, the city authorized positions for a police chief and six lieutenants, but it was 1853 before the first police chief, Jacob Keifer, was appointed and he was dismissed after 3 weeks.

Cincinnati accompanied its growth by paying men to act as its fire department in 1853, making the first full-time paid fire department in the United States. It was the first in the world to use steam fire engines.

The nickname Porkopolis came from when Cincinnati was the country's chief hog packing center. Often you could find herds of pigs being driven through the city streets by men on horseback. Cincinnati was also a very important stop on the Underground Railroad because the Ohio River marked the border of the free and slave states. The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center now stands near the spot where many slaves crossed.

Here are a few of the things that happened first in Cincinnati

  • 1850 First city in the U.S. to establish a Jewish hospital.
  • 1850 First city in the U.S. to publish greeting cards - Gibson Greeting Card Company.
  • 1853 First reliable steam fire engine. Also the first city to create a fire department and have a firemen's pole.
  • 1869 First city to establish a centralized bureau for weather tracking and predictions.
  • 1869 Proudly the first professional baseball team - the Cincinnati Red Stockings, now called the Cincinnati Reds.
  • 1870 First city in the United States to establish a City university - University of Cincinnati.
  • 1875 First city to have a Jewish college - Hebrew Union College.
  • 1880 First city in which a woman began and operated a large manufacturing company - Rookwood Pottery.
  • 1880 The only city to build and own a major railroad.
  • 1902 First skyscraper made of concrete in the U.S. - the Ingalls Building.
  • 1905 Home of The Sons of Daniel Boone, later called the Boy Scouts of America.
  • 1933 WLW 700AM was the first radio station to transmit at 500,000 watts
  • 1935 First night baseball game played under lights at Crosley Field with the Cincinnati Reds winning over the Philadelphia Phillies.
  • 1952 A heart/lung machine makes the first open heart surgery possible. Invented at Children's Hospital Medical Center.
  • 1954 First licensed Public television station - WCET TV Channel 48.
  • 1976 The Cincinnati Stock Exchange became the first all electronic stock trading center

Cincinnati Riverfront
Cincinnati Riverfront

Are you moving to Cincinnati?  If so, WELCOME!

Cincinnati, is a beautiful city on the banks of the Ohio River in the heart of the USA. We combine small town charm with all the conveniences of a big city. We like to think we are one of the best places to live in the United States. Cincinnati is more than just a city. The greater Cincinnati metropolitan area covers 3 states (Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana) 8 counties and more than 2 million people.

Nearly everyone moving to Cincinnati finds a great new home in a neighborhood that fits their needs. Prefer a more urban environment where you rarely have to drive? Try one of the moving into one of the downtown apartments. Do you work downtown but need a bit more of a suburban feel? Try Mt. Adams or Covington. Maybe a historic area with great style like like Hyde Park or the Clifton Gaslight district is for you? Of course there are also the more rural areas like Batavia, Harrison and Hebron, KY if you want to be in the country but less than 45 minutes away.

The heart of Cincinnati is undeniably Fountain Square. Festivals like Taste of Cincinnati and Oktoberfest (one of the world's largest) center around this 100 year old fountain. Our city has a lot to offer with shopping, city owned parking garages, and a many different restaurants and museums. At the Sawyer Point river park  there are constant summer events and activities all just a short walk away.

We are also home to the Cincinnati Reds (America's 1st professional team), the Cincinnati Bengals and our personal favorite, the Cincinnati Cyclones.

If you are more culturally inclined The Cincinnati Art Museum is the world's largest free art museum. There are two more amazing museums, the Taft Art Museum and the Contemporary Arts Center. We also have the Cincinnati Music Hall which hosts the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, May Festival (oldest continuous choral festival in the US) and the Cincinnati Opera.

The Cincinnati Zoo is rated one of the top zoos in the country and is noted for their successful programs to conserve and breed white Bengal tigers, Gorillas (many of the zoos in the world have a Gorilla that came from the Cincinnati Zoo) and Cheetahs.

If you are a roller coaster lover, less than half an hour north of Cincinnati is King's Island amusement park. If you want famous roller coasters, there you can ride THE BEAST.

Our river Neighbors are Newport and Covington Kentucky. The have several famous restaurants and attractions like. "Newport on the Levee" which is home to a movie theater and the famous Newport Aquarium. The most Hofbrau Haus is the only true Hofbrau Haus outside of Germany.


Cincinnati also boasts many fine restaurants for that perfect date idea. Just do a quick search and you'll find many places to go out and dine with family, friends, special someone's. Cincinnati literally has it all!

We even hear it's a Pokemon Go hot-spot in many of our fine locations, from the arts section all the way to the amazing zoo!

In ten years our company has changed quite a bit. Our website has changed with it going from a few pages to the #1 moving website in the Cincinnati area.

Our website in its 5th edition and we decided for the 6th we needed some new ideas.  We took everything we learned from our past websites and a lot of feedback from our staff and most importantly our clients.

The one thing everyone told us was make it simpler and easier to find information. We have always clearly posted our pricing on our website but some people felt it was too hard to find. Others didn't want to read through pages of information to find answers to their questions. There were a lot of really great suggestions and we tried to live up to them all.

Feel free to look around and when you find our typos (there will be a lot of them) would you please let us know.


Saving money doesn’t mean you have to hire cheap illegal movers to
help load and unload your UHaul truck!

Do you need some licensed and professional help loading/unloading a UHaul rental? If you need UHaul moving labor help, we are the best choice in Cincinnati.

Per some threatening letters we received from UHaul we reiterate that we are not endorsed by or affiliated with UHaul in anyway. We like many that have rented UHaul trucks do not recommend Uhaul at all. UHaul is the owner of its own respective brands, trademarks and very very old trucks. We are sharing an opinion and not stating anything as fact.

We still believe Penske moving trucks are the best (they don’t threaten small businesses). Unfortunately sometimes a UHaul is your only choice and we can help with those also. 

We are the only legally licensed and fully insured moving company in Cincinnati offers a moving labor service specifically to load and unloading of UHaul trucks and trailers. Those cheap movers – they don’t have a PUCO license. If you want real, licensed and experienced movers, 4WeHelp Cincinnati Movers are the LEGAL company to call for help with your UHaul.

Here is some helpful information about the UHaul trucks and trailer in Cincinnati:

  1. U-Haul trucks are not measured like most trucks. UHaul measures the length of the roof which makes their trucks seem larger. We DO NOT recommend you put anything on the roof. For more information check out our moving tips
  2. U-Haul trucks are divided into two uses. “One-way” which is typically their better maintained and newer trucks and local which are the really old trucks that may not be able to make a long distance trip.
  3. Corporate stores are the locations run by U-Haul themselves. They tend to have longer hours and better equipment than other locations
  4. Dealers, which are the little guys renting UHaul trucks out of convenience stores and old car lots typically get the older, more beat up trucks. Always ask to pick up your truck at a corporate location
  5. U-Haul sets up legal protections so that each city has its own UHaul rental company. Many believe they did this because U-Haul is often sued for accidents caused by their equipment.

When providing the UHaul truck for us to load/unload, the customer is still responsible for providing moving pads/blankets, rope, boxes, tape and other consumable items. Piano moving is a separate service, if moving a piano, please call us for details.


You ready to work with the best moving company in town!? Don’t hesitate to call us for your loading, or unloading needs. We’re here to help!


Most consumers don’t realize how much insurance a licensed moving company is required to have. The cheap movers can be cheap because they don’t have all the coverage needed to be legal in the state of Ohio.

  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Agent/Vendor Insurance
  • Commercial Property – Business Income
  • Commercial Property-  Personal Property
  • Inland Marine Cargo – Liability Coverage
  • Inland Marine – Equipment & Electronics
  • General Liability –  Operations Liability
  • General Liability – Products/Completed Operation
  • General Liability – Personal/Advertising
  • General Liability – Damage to Premises Rented
  • General Liability – Medical Expense
  • General Liability – Employee Benefits Liability
  • Auto Liability – Bodily Injury & Property Damage
  • Auto Liability – Medical Payments
  • Auto Liability –  Uninsured Motorist
  • Physical Damage – Collision
  • Physical Damage – Comprehensive
  • Physical Damage – Hired Auto Comprehensive
  • Physical Damage – Hired Auto Collision

It was time to renew our insurance coverage. With expanding to a 2nd location in West Chester and changing how we did somethings we needed to make a lot of changes to our policy. Our current insurance company wasn’t being helpful at all so we took the opportunity to look into other companies.

I have never raved about insurance companies before but I want to recommend two that we found.

First is Fey Insurance. While they were unable to provide coverage to movers (its a very hard industry to insure) Brian Fey answered every question we had and even helped us find coverage with a different company! For home or auto insurance we highly recommend them. Tell Brian that We Help sent you.

Brian Fey / Fey Insurance
14 W Park Pl,
Oxford, OH 45056
(513) 523-6341

With Brian’s help we were able to find a company that specializes in servicing movers. Everyone from the customer service reps that answer the phone to the agent that got us set up deal with movers and their needs all day long.

So we want to thank Tony Pertzborn at DLP Insurance for all his help. If you are a moving company and you need insurance call him up and tell him We Help sent you.

Day Larsen Pedersen Insurance
(303) 429-3527

As Cincinnati's #1 rated moving labor service we are often asked about the various different moving containers. They are also sometimes called "mobile storage". We thought it might help to give a break down of the various different companies.

UNITS Mobile Storage are our personal favorite. Very well constructed, use steel and aluminum. They have the track system every few feet so that you have plenty of places to tie off and you can use rope or straps with them. Lowest price but small national network.

PODS is the biggest and best known but in our opinion the cheapest construction. That doesn't matter to you as a consumer, just something we notice because we load/unload them constantly. They use eyelets for tie off which are ridiculous and useless. They are basically small steel rings at the top and bottom of the brace beams on the wall. The eyelets are spaced about 4 feet along the wall and only show up twice. Even a professional has a hard time making his walls line up just in time to use one of the only sets of eyelets so they are useless. Price is a little on the high side but they have the widest network.

ABF ReloCubes are pretty good. Metal construction but small. No tie offs but they are small enough you can make do without. They measure 6x8 so it takes about 2-3 of them to equal a UNIT. Mid price range but good network. These are great if you live in a city or congested area where a larger container can't be dropped.

Pack-Rat is good. Metal construction and comes in the standard 12ft and 16ft lengths. Their pricing seems to vary more than the others, often much higher or much lower than other quotes.

GetaSam is the same 16ft length as many others. Their construction is average and they are owned by United-Mayflower so their pricing is much higher.

Whatever your choice, find a solution that works in your budget and what you need to accomplish. It doesn't matter if a POD is the cheapest but you can't get a parking space to leave it downtown or if the ABF Relocube fits but is to small for everything in your 4 bedroom house.


At the end of the day, there really is no wrong decision about these particular storage units. The difference is preference, and which one fits the style and size you need to get your move all set and ready to roll. Just let us know what you need, we'll do our best to help.


Whatever you need, we're here to help. If you have questions about any of these mobile storage units, or other questions at all, never hesitate to contact us at our main office, 513-242-6683, and an associate will do what they can to help you to their best abilities. Even if you don't end up hiring us, we hope we were able to help, and that you have a great move!

Hire Cincinnati's highest rated movers at


As professional movers we do a LOT of driving. One thing we see every winter is people who have accidents that could have been easily avoided. Our drivers take a winter driving class and we wanted to share a few of the highlights with you.

  1. Decrease your speed and leave yourself plenty of room to stop. Even if the road looks clear it can be icy. The majority of cars that spin or end up on the side of the road are because they hit a bad spot on an otherwise clear road.
  2. Slow down! Yes, we said that twice because going to fast is the biggest cause of winter accidents. You will get to your destination faster if you go slow then if you speed up and have an accident.
  3. 4-wheel drive and all-wheel drive is not a means to go faster. In the winter the number of accidents with 4 wheel/all wheel drive vehicles increase because those drivers are foolish enough to believe they can drive faster than everyone else.
  4. You should allow at least three times more space than usual between you and the car in front of you. For the average vehicle this is 6-7 car lengths
  5. Brake as slowly as possible. This will help you keep from skidding.
  6. Never try to brake and turn your wheel at the same time. There is a lot of physics behind this but basically your tires cannot stop your car and control your direction at the same time. If they try, neither happens and you wreck.
  7. Turn on your lights to increase your visibility to other motorists.
  8. Use low gears on hills to keep from spinning your tires. This also makes your transmission act as a brake while allowing your tires to steer
  9. Don't use cruise control. Cruise senses your tires spin so if you hit a bad spot it can confuse the cruise control and cause you to wreck.
  10. SLOW DOWN FOR BRIDGES! Bridges are like airplane wings. They have wind whipping over them and underneath them. This can make the surface of a bridge 20-30 degrees colder than a normal roadway and salt doesn't work at those temperatures
  11. Never pass snow plows.. They have a hard time seeing because there is a huge plow on the front and a big dumper on the back. Those men/women are professionals and they are helping to keep everyone safe so be respectful.
  12. Always be alert. Sure, everyone knows this trick from driving school. But it becomes even more a necessity when you're in the winter weather drive. Always remain expertly aware of your surroundings. Put that phone down! You can catch Pokemon when you're parked and walking home.

Hopefully these winter weather driving tips help keep everyone in Cincinnati safe!