Atlantis Sculpture at Summit Behavorial Center

In 2006 Rubenstein Studios chose our company as the Cincinnati movers for their “Atlantis” sculpture. One of our movers mentioned how much fun that was and that we should post a picture of it.

The Atlantis project was commissioned by Summit Behavioral Center here in Cincinnati. With months of work behind him, Barton Rubenstein finished his his sculpture and loaded it into two different rental trucks. After traveling more than 500 miles the 13 pieces of stainless steel arrived in Cincinnati. When we opened the trucks they were a web of ropes and supports, hanging in those supports were the beautiful pieces of metal. We carried them into the assembly area one at a time and laid them on soft blankets so the highly polished steel wasn’t blemished. With each piece weighing several hundred pounds it took several of our crew to move each piece.

Once they were safely inside, the assembly began. With some pieces being 25′ tall, the plan was moving and erecting them would take 3-4 days. Each piece was raised, measured to make sure it was in exactly the right place and then lowered again so foot deep holes could be drilled to put the steel supports into. Once the holes we drilled and the bolts in place we lifted the pieces and lowered them on their support bases. We used 3 crews in tandem, a total of 6 men to get the job done in 2 days, half the time we planned. When all was done, this is what it looked like…

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