Are You An Insured Moving Company?

Are you insured movers?

YES! Many moving companies can say they are insured but you don’t really know if they have general liability or real mover’s insurance. Some may not even be insured even if they claim they are.
We are the only moving labor service in Cincinnati to be fully insured and certified by both the AOAML and the AMLPA

Our insurance is true mover’s insurance and not just a general liability policy that anyone can get for their home or business. The difference is that mover’s insurance covers your property and home while we are providing our services and general liability requires you to sue and a court to decide that a company is liable for damages.

The majority of moving companies pay $0.60/lb on insurance claims. Basically that means when those other movers break a $1200 flat screen TV that weighed 80lbs they only have to pay about $50 to you for the claim. We are not making that up, call and ask them.

Our insurance is full coverage moving insurance up to $250,000 per incident and $1,000,000 total. We reserve the right to replace damaged or missing items with items of like kind and quality. Claims are figured at replacement value minus a $300 deductible. We reserve the right to verify all claims using reasonable standards to verify any claim. Before you believe statements made by any moving company, ask to see their “certificate of coverage”.

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