Advertising a Moving Company

Winter is upon us and many moving companies see a drop in business with the change of the weather. Now is the time to work on advertising your moving company. Many movers spend all spring ramping up for the moving season. Think of winter as your chance to ramp up towards advertising season.

We have put a lot of time and effort into our moving company advertising and moving company search engine optimization. Of course there is the biggest and best advertising yet, Google Local Business Listings. Often these improvements take weeks if not months to filter through the internet. To make a difference in your business for summer, now is the time to start.

Of course much of our effort was before the American Moving Labor Professionals Association came along.  We have learned a lot of things from them and we share a lot of information on their forums. Little tricks and secrets like how to get Google to find your website and list it in days instead of months.

If you are a moving labor service the AMLPA wants to help you like they have helped us. We had advertising companies trying to charge us anywhere from $60-200 a month to help us with our online mover’s listings. The AMLPA offers all that free to any of its members.

Trust me, membership in the AMLPA has done more than just save us time and money, it made us a more profitable and better company.

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