A fun job for movers!

Cincinnati Bell needed to replace some displays at their Kenwood store and guess which Cincinnati movers they trusted? Yeah, we’re the guys.

Actually moving a piece of acrylic that is 8ft long, 4ft wide and about 1/4 inch thick without letting it flex at all is not easy. It is more fragile than glass and scratches much easier.

Joe from the graphics firm that originally designed the exhibit really did most of the work. We just moved 3 of the panels and then stood around holding them in place while they were assembled.

For a mover this was actually a fun job. It was a nice change from climbing 3 flights of stairs with a sleeper sofa. It is also nice to know that one of the best local companies trusts us with to help with the moving and set up of one of their nicest stores (it has 6 kinds of coffee and 2 kinds of tea). You can see more pictures at http://www.flickr.com/photos/4wehelp/sets/72157623484177637/

Special thanks to Matt and Jon, Cincinnati Bell employees. Also to the gentleman who loaned us the store vacuum so we could clean up before we left. Sorry about forgetting your name.

Just to brag a little, Cincinnati Bell is also now one of our followers on Twitter. You should be too, http://twitter.com/4wehelp

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