4WeHelp Movers Go Green with TerraPass

We are movers that believes our planet needs all the help it can get. In that spirit we are a green moving company.

One of the ways we do that is being a proud business member of TerraPass for more than 3 years.

TerraPass is a social enterprise that provides carbon offsetting products to individuals and businesses. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, TerraPass uses proceeds from member purchases to fund greenhouse gas reduction projects such as wind farms and methane digesters. TerraPass products include a Road TerraPass to offset car emissions, a Flight TerraPass to offset airplane emissions, a Home TerraPass for home energy use, a Business TerraPass for organizations, and a Wedding TerraPass for weddings and other events.

Of course no one person or company can do it alone. We hope that at some point we are no longer the only Green Moving Service in Cincinnati.

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