4WeHelp Movers Go Green with Recycling

Moving is an extremely wasteful process. There are boxes that get thrown away, moving trucks get horrible gas mileage, everyone has a paper you need to sign and then gets thrown away.

We wanted to share a few steps we have taken to be a greener moving company.

  • We buy used moving pads from other companies, then wash and repair them. Many of our blankets are even made from 100% recycled fibers.
  • Our new contracts are printed on 100% post consumer waste, recycled paper. “Post consumer waste” means that they were made from paper that was used and then thrown away.
  • We recycle boxes for our customers. If they are in good condition we share them with other customers so they don’t have to buy new ones. If they aren’t usable as a box we use them for other moving related needs. Once they are tattered we send them to a recycling plant.
  • We use cotton rope for tying off. Cotton rope is better for the environment than rope made from petroleum products like nylon or polyurethane rope.

Of course we are always open to ideas about how we can be a more environmentally responsible moving company. If you have any, leave a comment.

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