3 Is Not Always a Crowd

Often times when hiring a professional moving company, individuals underestimate the importance of having a 3rd mover on the job. No one wants to pay for 3 movers when 2 could do the job, right?

Having a 3rd mover will shorten your move considerably; saving you money, time, and a lot of the stress that come with moving your life possessions from Point A to B.

So how exactly does a 3rd mover make a difference? Here are just a couple of examples demonstrating how beneficial that extra set of hands can be.

  • One of the most time consuming processes in moving is correctly loading the moving truck. Having a 3rd mover allows a moving truck to be loaded smoothly, without stopping the line of things coming out of your home.
  • In addition the 3rd mover on a job can run boxes and smaller items while the other crew members focus on the “two-man” objects.
  • Also a 3rd mover can help disassemble and reassemble any of your items that may need to be broken down or taken apart for safe travel, and the benefits don’t stop there.

Consider your move and what you have… Hiring three movers could make a world of difference.

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